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A Benefit Concert for the Deportees Memorial Headstone
Lance Canales and the Flood, Jemmy Bluestein, Conjunto Califas, Tim Z. Hernandez
Thu, April 18, 2013
7:30 pm
$10 Advance/ $10-$20 Sliding Scale At Door

Tim Z Hernandez is currently working on a book surrounding

the “Plane Wreck at Los Gatos” incident, in which 32 people died, 28 who were “Mexican nationals” and were being deported. This is the incident that happened on January 28, 1948 that Woody Guthrie wrote his famous song about, and was later recorded by Dolly Parton, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.

In short, the 28 “deportees” were buried in a mass grave at Fresno’s Holy Cross Cemetery, and during these last 65 years their names have never been on that headstone. It simply reads “28 Mexican Nationals Who Died in a Plane Crash Buried Here.” A big part of my research has been to confirm the names of all 28 people, and with the help of Holy Cross Cemetery we have accomplished this. We are now going one step further and working to erect a new memorial headstone listing all of their names. The memorial will be a public event at a later date. Right now we are working hard to raise $10,000. This is the total cost of the memorial. Again, if you click on the aforementioned link you will get the details on how to contribute. Also, I want to announce a new opportunity to contribute as well.


Fresno based musician, Lance Canales and Tim Z Hernanadez have recorded a new version of the famous song, which includes me reading the names of the passengers. You can now purchase a copy of this song, and all proceeds will go directly to the memorial. Simply click on this link:

 Crash at Los Gatos MP3 down Load below.

Click in Photo or the link to buy deportee!!


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